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Avengers Steve Rogers Deleted Scene

OKAY, I get that the gag reel is awesome, blah blah, BUT CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT STEVE HERE?!?!?!  God, this whole scene… my heart! *cuddles Steve*  This is just…a perfect encapsulation of Steve Rogers in 2012, right the fuck here.

And Stan Lee calls Steve a moron.  FANTASTIC!

If you hadn’t already guessed, I love everything about this gif set and the scene that created it. The newsreel switching off to show Steve’s face reflected in the monitor, the way he looks at the phone (and check out the old-style refrigerator in the background, totally in line with my headcanon that SHIELD outfitted his apartment to look at much like a relic from the 1940s as possible) and then sets the paper aside, his attempt to recapture the Manhattan he used to know on paper, the blank stare on the subway, and that all this is leading up to his session with the punching bag… every bit of it is just right, and I so wish they had not cut it from the film.

The thing that killed me was the way he slowly sorted through the papers, almost all of them stamped DECEASED. He’s got to be hurting so much and he just keeps it all locked up under that blank stare that kj mentioned… at least until he starts wrecking punching bags. And even then, it just looks like a superhuman working out. He’s not angry or frustrated or grieving. He’s Captain America! He doesn’t get hurt.




Poor Steve. He’s really not as comical as the Avengers made him out to be. 

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